Saturday, January 16, 2010

Un poco dificil...

After one full week in Alcala it simultaneously feels like we just left and have been here for months! I'm really getting to the know the city better, and I'm starting to feel at home here. Someone even asked me for directions! I couldn't help him, but at least I looked enough like I belong here that they thought they could ask! There's still a lot to get used to though. Eleanora and I went on a mission to find the cheapest gym in the area... unsucessfully. Apparently mid-afternoon Saturday is when all gyms are closed? Questionable. But at least we found the locations of a few so we can go back another day. With all this food I'm being fed, finding a gym is very necessary, haha. Speaking of food, I'm beginning to get used to it now. I've come to accept that I will always find bones in my fish, and if they tell me it's chicken, I will eat it despite being a bit skeptical. I still often don't know what I'm eating, but as long as it tastes good, I'm probably better off not asking.

I've finally got my classes figured out as well. Everyone in my program was having difficulty figuring out how the classes we chose at Loyola relate to the ones we're supposed to be taking in Spain. Luckily, Andre Colombat, the director of International Programs is here now and he was able to work out our schedules for us. I have my spanish classes every afternoon from about 2 to 6:30, which is really a long day when I have my english classes in the morning on thursday and friday! It will all be worth it though when the spanish classes end in mid-march.

Tonight the group is going into Madrid to see a flamenco opera which should be a lot of fun! Because of the snow, this is our first outing to Madrid so we'll probably want to stay in the city after the show and explore a little bit. We're also going back next weekend for Maria Jose's (our director here) walking tour of Madrid.

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