Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cuchillos, ladrones, y chupitos

Well last night was very dramatic... Since the majority of our group lives in the dorms, they were all in the boys' room getting ready to go into town last night. Most of this is heresay so I don't know the whole story, but apparently some spaniards knocked on the door looking for ice and they invited them in to hang out for a little. After a while, they left to catch the bus into town and when they were on their way, people started to realize they were missing things so they went back to the room. The spaniards were still there and when the guys confronted them, one pulled out a knife. They called the police and the cops came. Apparently, they arrested 6 of the guys but then let them go... During this process, one of the girls' swipes was taken so everyone living in that room decided to sleep in another apartment for the night. While all of this was going on, me and a few others were already in town and they decided to go back and make sure everyone was okay. Since I don't live in the residencias, I just went home. Thank God everyone was fine! A little shaken up, but no one was hurt. This has definitely taught us all to be more cautious around people we don't know, especially as foreigners in another country even though most of the people we've met have been nice.

In other news, Eleu's family came over for Saturday lunch and there was a lot of them this time! I believe she has 3 daughters and 1 son, plus their spouses and kids. It was nice to be around everyone even though I can't understand them very well. They tend to talk very fast, as I know we do as well in English. In some ways, they remind me of my family - one of the women even looks like Aunt Michele! I think Eleu told me the other night at dinner that there's going to be a japonese student coming in February and staying with us for the month, so that should be interesting! Hopefully she speaks a little Spanish or English so we can communicate.

Tomorrow Maria Jose is taking us into Madrid for the day for a tour like we were supposed to do the first weekend but couldn't because of the snow. She's going to take us to a lot of the tourist attractions as well as show us how to use the metro and buses which will definitely come in handy. Afterwards, a bunch of us bought tickets for a Real Madrid game against Malaga! They weren't too expensive and Loyola should reimburse us for a portion of the price. It should be a lot of fun to see a futbol game live!

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