Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Necesitamos ir a clase?!

If you couldn't tell by the title, or can't read spanish, we realized that as great as just hanging out all day and drinking sangria is, we actually need to go to class at some point. That point was today. We have our spanish classes everyday, beginning today through mid-march. After lots (LOTS!) of confusion about what classes we were supposed to take, we all ended up where we were supposed to be. (We think...) I didn't do very well on the placement test and got placed in very low spanish classes. After a lot of stress and confusion, I was put in the correct class - culture of cinema, art, history, and literature. The first 2 weeks we'll spend learning about spanish movies and it looks exciting! I really like the teacher and it looks like it will be a good class. Next, we had grammar class and afterwards, conversation. We didn't know which ones we were supposed to take so all of us left after the grammar class. We're meeting the our director, Maria Jose, tomorrow and the head of international programs at Loyola who is in Spain for a few days so hopefully we'll be able to get everything straightened out.

On another note, yesterday was a great day! Because there was about .25 inches of snow, the university cancelled class. Instead, our professors from CIFF, which is where we take our english/business classes, took us out for tapas and drinks. It was quite an experience to have your professor, who you have to call by first name, take your drink order...They were all so nice and welcoming though and I can tell I'm going to enjoy my classes! Afterwards, we went to La Media Pinta which is an Irish style pub that serves as a bar, cafe, and student hang out anytime of day or night. I talked to the owner for most of the time there and he helped me out with my spanish! He also taught me some valuable information about different spanish customs, such as the double kiss. FYI, shaking hands is VERY formal but the older person has to initiate the double kiss, otherwise it's rude. That will come in handy I'm sure.

Later on, all of us met down at the residencias to celebrate on the guys in our groups' birthday. All 38 of us (I believe) are really getting along well. I'm lucky to be with such a great group of people!

Mom - this is for you. There is a church right in front of my building so a few of us went to Mass Sunday night and got to witness a baptism! This little boy, Felipe, was adorable. The church was very small because there are so many around town but it was nice to have a some-what familiar custom! I even knew 2 of the songs by heart from learning them in high school.

Dancing with a spaniard!

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