Saturday, January 9, 2010

La segunda dia

I'm about halfway through my second full day here! Today we had a brief orientation to Alcala. The town is absolutely beautiful! We were shown where our classes would be held - they're both near the Plaza de Cervantes, which is the main part of the town. Pictured below!

Cervantes is the author of the book, Don Quixote, and probably the most famous person to come out of Alcala! St. Ignatius also studied at the Unverisdad de Alcala. We were supposed to go to Madrid tomorrow to have orientation there too, but there's a threat of snow so we're not going to. I've learned that snow is a HUGE deal here because it happens so infrequently. It's about 6 PM here (so noon at home) but since we don't eat dinner until much later, I may go down to the dorms and see what they're like since that's where most of my friends are staying. Later on I think we're going to go out to a local bar or something? The nightlife is very different here - they don't go out until about 1 or 2 AM so this should be very interesting... hopefully I'm not too tired tomorrow! Maybe I'll even catch a bit of the playoffs, alhtough that seems pretty unlikely.

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