Monday, March 8, 2010

Necisito Puntos de Sutura?!

Quite a bit to update. Well, first things first, Thursday night I had a little accident involving a web floor and me being a klutz. I was dancing with one of my friends and I slipped on the wet floor and instinctively put my hand out of catch myself. Unfortunately I was holding a glass bottle in that hand, which smashed on the floor and cut my thumb pretty badly. I tried to wash it out and clean it but it was bleeding pretty badly so I had to go to the hospital. They gave me a few stitches and wrapped it up. The hardest thing is trying to figure out the Spanish health care system. I have health care here but I didn’t have the paper with me so I’m sure what I have to do… I have to go tomorrow to a health center around here and get it cleaned out until Monday when the stitches can come out. Looks like I’ll have a great scar to remember Spain by!

On a happier note, this weekend was so much fun! Some of my friends studying abroad in Rome came to visit! It was so great to see them, especially Laura, who I’m used to seeing and talking to every day at school. There were a lot of visitors here so it was a little crazy but I hope they had a good time. Two of my friends from home, Julie and Anna, are also visiting! They arrived Saturday. Saturday afternoon and evening I gave them a little tour of Alcala, making sure to stop for tapas, sangria, and postres. We were able to go into Cervantes’ House and Museum which was cool to see. I also took them to La Media Pinta so they could see where we hang out, especially on Tuesday nights. Then Saturday night we went out to the Chupiteria and Can-Can. Sunday morning we headed into Madrid to go to El Rastro, the big flea market in Madrid held every Sunday. We got some scarves and earrings and such. Then we went to Restaurante Botin, which is the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records. We got the suckling pig and lamb, which are their specialties. Afterwards, we went to the Prado Museum and got to see paintings by Velazquez, Goya, Ribera, Maino, Raphael, Caravaggio, El Greco, etc. It was incredible! It’s so big that we didn’t have time to do it all though so we’ll have to go back another time.

Today I showed them around Alcala a little more. We were able to go into the historical part of the University and I showed them where I go to class and all. They had to try tortilla at some point so we went to lunch right near the plaza and they got tortilla (Spanish omelet). They’re going to spend the rest of the week in Madrid – with 2 day trips to Salamanca and Toledo so there’s still much more to do!

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